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Truss Professional Miracle Hair Mask 6.35oz

Truss Professional Miracle Hair Mask 6.35oz

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Say Goodbye To Damaged Hair For Good With Truss Miracle Hair Mask!
Split ends, dullness, and breakages are all signs of damaged hair caused by chemical treatments or exposure to the sun. As more time passes the worse your hair is going to get. This is why we designed Truss Miracle deep conditioner hair treatment mask to give your hair the care and support it deserves.

Revitalize and Protect Your Hair
Truss Miracle Keratin and Vitamin Hair Mask gently provides nourishment, moisturization, and hydration to strengthen and repair damaged hair. Thanks to the anti-frizz formula, it leaves your hair feeling soft, refreshed and silky smooth as well as forming a protective layer to shield against environmental damage.

All In One Hair Care Mask
Rich in vitamin E and Pro vitamin B5, this deep conditioner with keratin stimulates your scalp and strengthens your cuticles to help you stop losing more hair than you’re growing. Our unique formula promotes overall hair health that results in smoother, thicker, healthier-looking and shinier hair.

Amazing Benefits Of Truss Miracle Deep Conditioner Hair Mask:
✔ Rich in amino acids and peptides to deliver optimal results the safe way
✔ Helps strengthen and promote new hair follicle growth to combat hair loss
✔ Repairs the years of damage caused by bleaching, coloring or the environment
✔ It’s perfect for all hair types, colors and ideal for both women and men
✔ Enhances the natural shine, softness and texture of your hair
✔ It hydrates the hair and locks the moisture in place for a refreshing look

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