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Tahe Natural Colour 3.4oz

Tahe Natural Colour 3.4oz

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Colors are broken down into 7 sub-ranges (Bases, Naturals, Natural Ash, Ashes, Pearls, Goldens, Beiges)

- This sub-range has a neutral tone (neither warm, nor cool).
- All colors have excellent grey hair coverage, without reflecting ash tones too much, and without having to mix together with any other tone.
- 100% grey coverage up to a base level #8 and, depending on the particular case, up to a #9, and even a #10.
- The final result adjusts perfectly to the swatch color.

- This sub-range has a warm tone and excellent grey hair coverage, but slightly less than the bases.
- Both 9.0n and 10.0n have a distinctive grey hair coverage capacity.
- We recommend mixing this range with Natural Rouge in cases where grey coverage is very difficult, thus increasing coverage without neutralizing the warm tone.
- Ideal to tone back light blondes to browns without producing greenish tones.

Natural Ashes
- This sub-range has a cool tone.
- Great grey hair coverage without creating excessive ash tones, resulting in very natural colors.
- Ideal for the elimination of warm tones in hair that tends towards strong natural reddish tones.

- This sub-range is ideal for neutralizing red tones (warmth).
- For complete grey hair coverage, mix with base or naturals (1 part ash + 3 parts base or naturals)
- This sub-range creates cool, shiny and very natural blondes (nordic).
- The blue-black tint (1.1) results in being very intense and luminous.

- Ideal for neutralizing golden tones (warmth).
- For a complete coverage of grey hair, mix with base or naturals (1 part pearl + 3 parts base or naturals).
- Produces very luminous and natural cool blondes (nordic blondes).

- Good grey hair coverage.
- For total grey hair coverage, mix with base tone.
- This range has a strong golden tone.
-Creates natural and shiny blondes.

- Good grey hair coverage.
- To achieve total grey hair coverage, mix with Naturals or Base tones.
- Creates very luminous blondes and less warm than the golden range.

- Good grey hair coverage.
- To achieve total grey hair coverage, mix with Base or Extra Coverage Base tones.
- Creates a very natural, clean hue.

Deep Ash
- Do not apply directly on gray. To apply on gray, mix 3/4 base w/ 1/4 deep ash.
- Get clean and natural color tones in 2-3 clarifications, even in warm natural hair with strong pigmentation.
- Corrects reddish coppery hues few minutes or bleached blond hair.

Extra Cover Bases
- Excellent grey coverage, even on stubborn grey.
- Provides great stability and duration of color.
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