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SUDZZfx Zenyth Frizz Eliminator 4.0 oz

SUDZZfx Zenyth Frizz Eliminator 4.0 oz

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Sudzz FX Zenyth Frizz Eliminator is a polishing, smoothing serum thats alcohol-free for brilliant shine and frizz elimination. It protects and conditions while sculpting a look that is humidity resistant. It can be mixed with any styling product, a drop or two will slightly soften the hold, as well as condition, seal the hair and add incredible shine.

  • Certified organic homeopathically balanced botanicals of asparagus, parsley, cucumber and sandalwood:Naturally exfoliates, soothes and balances the scalp and skin.
  • Nano emulsion:Speeds up drying time, cosmetically fuses spilt ends together.
  • Alcohol and Oil Free:Will not dry out or add weight to hair.
  • Panthenol:Moisture attraction and retention.

How to Use
Apply a drop or two pre or post blow dry at the hairs mid shaft and ends to add shine and eliminate frizz.
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