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Schwarzkopf IGORA COLOR10 Permanent Hair Color 2 oz

Schwarzkopf IGORA COLOR10 Permanent Hair Color 2 oz

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Schwarzkopf IGORA COLOR10 delivers all the quality, vibrancy and shine of a traditional color but only takes 10 minutes.

10 Reasons Why IGORA COLOR10
1. Development time - 10 minutes
2. Quick and easy profit! 
3. Perfect white coverage.
4. Two amino acids: Arginine and Glycine
5. 25 intermixable shades; true natural, modern, fashion and highlift.
6. Service up to 3x's more clients in the same amount of time.
7. Attract new clients with unique, relevant, and fast services.
8. Efficient and flexible appointment planning. 
9. Increase client conveniences and comfort.
10. More time for additional consultations, product advice and client pampering. 

A business building revolution that inspires your salon service menu. 


Apply to dry, unwashed hair. Application time should not exceed 10 minutes.

Development Time:
10 minutes for standard color services
10 minutes + heat for white coverage or resistant hair types.
Rinse thoroughly with BC Hairtherapy Color
For perfect color equalization (lift + white coverage) on dark hair use 30 Vol. (9%)
For white coverage, mix fashion tones with a natural shade in equal parts for 100% coverage.
IGORA COLOR10 SpeedLift+ is not recommended for use on a high percentage of white hair.

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