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Schwarzkopf blondme Premium Developer 2% / 7 Volume, 33.8 oz

Schwarzkopf blondme Premium Developer 2% / 7 Volume, 33.8 oz

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Blonde hair has the most delicate hair structure, despite this, colorists have to provide optimal hair quality and spectacular color results.

BLONDME, now powered by the Integrated Bonding Technology, offers a unique color range that can be tailored to individual wishes and hair type. With easy, ready-to-use products, brilliant blonde looks can be attainable.

BLONDME is the 1st bonding color brand by Schwarzkopf with Integrated Bonding Technology. This breaks down into 3 simple steps:

STEP 1: Bond Enforcing Color Service
Integrated Bonding Technology in the color products.
Interlinks with the hair fibers to help enforce strong structural bonds.
For minimized hair breakage.

STEP 2: After Color Bonding Care Service
Integrated Bonding Technology in All Blondes Shampoo & Treatment.
Helps to create new bonds and helps to stabilize the hair structure.

STEP 3: Blonde and Bond Home Maintenance
Integrated Bonding Technology in the home care range.
Maintain the bonds at home in between salon visits.
Prolong the color results for long-lasting shine.

During the blonding process, the bonds inside the hair fiber can be damaged. As a result, the stability of the hair is reduced and the hair is prone to breakage. The new Integrated Bond Enforcing Technology has been created to help protect the hair from deep within. It contains highly efficient Succinic Acid that penetrates into the hair during the oxidative process and creates a protective layer around the hair bonds.

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