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Schwarzkopf Blondme Clay Lightener 7+ 12.35oz

Schwarzkopf Blondme Clay Lightener 7+ 12.35oz

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Discover BLONDME Bond Enforcing Clay Lightener a premium soft-to-solid formula that creates an outer-shell, allowing the lightener to stay moist on the inside while unleashing its full lightening power within the hair. Clay Lightener for easy to work with consistency and clear lightening results. Ideal for Bases 3 to 8.

Features & Benefits:
Easy and precise application
Up to 7 levels of lift
Soft-to-solid formula
For freehand techniques
Dust-reduced powder

• Always use in combination with BLONDME Premium Developers
• Mix1:1.5 to 1:2 depending upon the desired consistency
(30g of BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener and 45ml to 60ml of BLONDME Premium Developer)

All Techniques:
BLONDME Premium Developer 6% (20 Vol.), 9% (30 Vol.) or 12% (40 Vol.)

• Apply to dry hair
• Development Time: 20-45 minutes
• Additional heat is not recommended
• Visually check lightening progress during development time

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