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Pravana ChromaSilk NEONS Hair Color 3 oz

Pravana ChromaSilk NEONS Hair Color 3 oz

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ChromaSilk NEONS are 5 high-voltage shades in the ChromaSilk VIVIDS Collection, the most vibrant, long-lasting colors available anywhere. PRAVANA’s award-winning VIVIDS Collection of creative shades impart long-lasting, rich color with brilliant shine. The VIVIDS Collection offers stylists complete creative control, as all shades can be intermixed for an infinite color palette.

How To Use

1. The hair must be pre-lightened according to the VIVIDS Lightening Guide prior to applying NEONS for the colors to show their full vibrancy, depth of color and for greater longevity.

2. Before applying NEONS, hair must be freshly shampooed and dried.

3. Apply color mixture directly to the hair. No developer is needed.

4. Allow to process for 20-30 minutes at room temperature. Once the processing is complete, lightly shampoo with VIVIDS Color Protect Shampoo and rinse with cool water until the water runs clear. PRAVANA Pure Light Power Lightener and PRAVANA Crème Developer to lighten seven levels and beyond while protecting integrity of the hair and VIVIDS Color Protect Shampoo, Conditioner and Sealing Spray for aftercare to preserve color.

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