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Pravana Blonding Creme 8.5oz

Pravana Blonding Creme 8.5oz

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PRAVANA's Pure Light Blonding Creme is a creamy easy-to-use lightener that lifts up to 9 levels in 45 minutes while leaving hair looking healthy nourished and hydrated.
 and hydrated.

What It Does

•Lifts up to 9 levels

•Fast processing in 45 minutes

•Maintains healthy looking hair

•Leaves hair looking and feeling healthy

•Hair looks nourished

•Hair looks shiny

•Hair feels moisturized and hydrated

How To Use

• 1. In a non-metallic bowl mix 1 part PURE LIGHT Blonding Crème with 2 parts PRAVANA Crème Developer Zero Lift - 40 Volume (1:2).

• 2. For on-scalp application use up to 20 volume

• 3. For off-scalp use up to 40 volume.

• 4. Apply to dry hair. Process for up to 55 minutes.

• 5. Rinse throughly after processing then shampoo and condition with desired care products.

*Check every 5-10 minutes until desired level has been reached.

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