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Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell THE COLOR 10-Min Permanent Hair Color 3oz

Paul Mitchell THE COLOR 10-Min Permanent Hair Color 3oz

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Paul Mitchell the color 10 ten-minute permanent hair color is perfect for fast blending or up to 100% coverage. These shades can be used as a stand-alone color or intermixed for customized looks. Ideal for guests level 3-7 with 40%-60% percentage of gray and those who want express color services. Formulated with a brown-to-tan background color, enjoy 8 new shades in 3 prominent color families.


  1. Determine the natural level and percentage of gray. Paul Mitchell the color 10 is ideal for levels 3-7 with 40-60% gray.
  2. Determine if you are coloring on-level or up to 1 level lighter.
  3. Select the shade (level and tone) desired.
  4. Preparation/Mixing Instructions: (ratio 1:1).
  5. Application: Semi (damp hair), Demi (damp hair), Permanent (dry hair).
  6. Application Tips:
    • Apply to clean, dry hair.
    • Begin in the front quadrants or in the grayest areas, leaving the hairline or finer textured areas for last. 
    • Take fine partings, apply quickly and work systematically.
  7. Processing: Standard processing time is 10 minutes. Increase to 20 minutes to achieve a slight increase in gray coverage and richer results. Do not use heat.
  8. After Processing: Rinse. Shampoo. Condition. Style. Finish.
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