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Oya Platinum Shampoo - Sulfate Free 1 Liter/33.8 Fl.oz.

Oya Platinum Shampoo - Sulfate Free 1 Liter/33.8 Fl.oz.

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Prevent your blonde or natural gray color from yellowing as you gently cleanse your hair. This formula tones and shines as it eliminates brassy tones. Its cool base also supports the depth of the rich OYA brown shades and keeps them vibrantuntil the next color service

Enriched with sea kelp, blue seakale, green tea, pantheon and sunflower extract.

Also available in a 250 ml.(8.5 fl. oz.) version.

At OYA, we are committed to providing you with the tools to create radiant, reflective hair color that retains the hair's integrity and shine. With the new OYA Retail Collection, your beautiful hair color will remain vibrant, rich and first day fresh, weeks after your color service. Every day with OYA Live to Love Color protection will be a good hair day - shiny, silky and manageable. The delightful fragrance of OYA's own Spa Water transforms ordinary hair care into a daily spa experience.

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