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Ouidad Coil Infusion Soft Stretch Priming Milk 10.5oz

Ouidad Coil Infusion Soft Stretch Priming Milk 10.5oz

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Introduce your coils to its new best friend with a multi-action primer. Giving your style a moisturizing base will seal moisture within your strands, encourage definition and elongation, and extend your style. This magical formula will give you the gift of extra days between washes by helping keep coils and styles defined and nourished. Your zig-zag curls and coils will stretch comfortably without ever sacrificing their shape and maintain a high level of moisture, thanks to a botanical mix of ingredients, including sea butter, açaí extract, sunflower extract, aloe leaf juice and black castor oil. Or use as a treatment after a protective style to detangle, infuse deep hydration, restore moisture and maintain definition. Think of it as a rejuvenating green drink, but for your hair.

How To Use

Primer: Add primer to your hands first, then run through wet hair. Style as usual. Treatment: Apply evenly to clean, wet or dry hair. Leave on overnight. Do not rinse out.

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