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Matrix Open Air Pre-Bonded Precise Balayage Clay Lightener 32oz

Matrix Open Air Pre-Bonded Precise Balayage Clay Lightener 32oz

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Precise Balayage Clay Lightener for every Hair Pattern. Pre-bonded with citric acid & glycine to protect fibers and includes Kaolin Clay to hold moisture in the formula to protect the product from drying during application.

How To

•Wear suitable disposable gloves.

•Mix product in a well-ventilated area.

•Use the scoop and mix in a non-metallic bowl.

•Slowly add Matrix Cream Developer 10 (3%), 20 (6%), 30 (9%), or 40 (12%) volume (maximum) depending on the desired result.

•Mix carefully with a spatula or brush, until achieving a smooth consistency.

•Do not use heat. When performing highlights with foil application, exclusively use aluminum foils ref SOFT ALLOY 1200.

•Do not add lightener.

•Do not use the same day as another lightener application.

•You can never use Open Air Pre-Bonded after a chemical relaxer.

•You must wait two weeks before using Open Air Pre-Bonded after any texture service.

•Use discretion when lightening hair that may be sensitized.

•Do not perform any lightener service on hair that is very fine or fragile.

•Always perform a strand tesst when using a lightener on hair that has been previously sensitized.

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