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Matrix Extra Cool Toner 4 fl.oz

Matrix Extra Cool Toner 4 fl.oz

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Light Master Lift & Tone Toners are 1 step in a 3-part Highlighting System enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 to protect and condition the hair.
While lifting with the Lift and Tone system, these customized toners enhance, balance or counteract undertones.
EXTRA COOL: Softens orange tones for extra cool highlights.
COOL: Softens yellow tones for cool highlights.
NEUTRAL: Balances natural tones for natural sun-kissed look.


Mixing Ratio: 2 scoops powder + 2 scoops dedicated promoter + 1 scoop pigment
Application: Off-scalp application only

  • Mix Light Master Lift & Tone system in a non-metallic bowl.
  • Do not substitute any of the Light Master Lift & Tone system components (Powder Lifter 16 oz. or 32 oz., Promoters 32 oz. and Toners 4 oz.)
  • Use only with the recommended Promoter 8 (2.4%) or 22 (6.6%) Volume. Do not use with hydrogen peroxide greater than 22 Volume (6.6%).
  • Do not exceed the recommended development time.

Cannot be used alone, all components from Lift & Tone collection must be used together.

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