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Matrix Curl Lights Step 1: Lightening Cream 2oz

Matrix Curl Lights Step 1: Lightening Cream 2oz

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Curl Pattern Preserving Lightening System with creamy texture that applies easily, looks + feels caring on curls. Formula is infused with beeswax and ceramides.


When purchasing box of six 1 oz. Curl Lights Lightening Accelerator packettes, pair with three 2 oz. Curl Lights Lightening Cream for full usage

What It Does

• Creamy Texture for even application

• Fully saturates curls

• Maintains curl integrity

To use: Wearing gloves and in a non-metallic bowl, mix 1/2 a tube (1 oz./30 g) of Step 1: Lightening Cream and the contents of one sachet (1 oz./30 g) Step 2: Lightening Accelerator Cream and gradually add (1 oz./30 g) of 20, 30 or 40 Volume Matrix Cream Developer. Mix until you obtain a rich, smooth mixture.

• Apply to dry, unwashed hair using a brush, comb or any other highlighting tools normally used to achieve the desired result.

• Keep mixture off the scalp.

• Process under heat for 15 minutes or 35 minutes without heat.

• Rinse well with warm water.

• Shampoo using a Total Results Shampoo.

• Rinse thoroughly.

• Dry and style as usual.

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