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Keune So Pure Color Permanent Ammonia-Free Color 2.1oz

Keune So Pure Color Permanent Ammonia-Free Color 2.1oz

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So Pure Color is an ammonia and paraben free permanent haircolor, enriched with certified organic plant extracts. Including the unique PhytoKeratin, which rebuilds the natural hair structure from within and protects during the color treatment. What it does - So Pure Color is a mild, effective Ammonia and Paraben free hair color, inspired by nature. Enriched with essential oils and Argan oil to improve the hair structure and shine. Why it works - Enriched with Phytokeratin, to rebuild the hair structure. Argan oil, contains vitamin A and E for added moisture and Coconut base for extra conditioning. Essential oils give you an aroma experience aligned with the So Pure philosophy.

*All color is for sale to professionals only.
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