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Keune Olivia Garden Care Rectangular

Keune Olivia Garden Care Rectangular

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For many people brushing your hair is part of your daily routine. As a premium hair care brand we know that the right care and styling products make a world of difference. Add the right hair brush and there is your remedy for salon worthy hair at home!

A professional paddle brush makes it easy to detangle your locks and repel frizzy looking hair. That's why we teamed up with Olivia Garden, a leading salon tool brand since 1967.


  1. Mist Liquid Hairspray on the paddle brush and run it over your hair. Brushing it on seals the hair's cuticle, so it stays smoother all day. No more frizz.
  2. Spray Keratin Smooth 2-Phase Spray before brushing to detangle and add a glow to your locks.
  3. Apply Soft Mousse (or any other mousse) on a paddle brush and run it over your hair. This trick helps spreading the products evenly.
  4. Clean the brush by removing the hair with the retractable pin. Then soak it in warm water and Vital Nutrition shampoo for 10 minutes.

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