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Keratherapy Moisture Leave-In Conditioner 8.5 oz

Keratherapy Moisture Leave-In Conditioner 8.5 oz

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Keep your hair healthy, all day (and night) long with Keratherapys Keratin-Infused Leave In Conditioner. Packed with the power of keratin, this keratin leave in conditioner repairs the hair cuticle and restores moisture to each strand. It keeps your hair hydrated no matter the season and tames those frizzy flyaway strands. It nourishes the hair from root to tip, giving you gorgeous, photo-ready locks. Detangle knotted, after-shower hair, and make it more responsive to styling with a single spray. This keratin leave in conditioner makes it easier to blow-dry and style your hair. In addition to easier styling and detangling, it acts as a barrier against heat, serving as an extra layer of protection to prevent brittleness and split ends.

BENEFITS: Our Brazilian Keratin Leave In Conditioner is weightless, adding moisture to your locks without the heavy feeling. Ideal for multi-purpose conditioning and detangling. Hydrates your hair, giving it a refreshed look. A keratin leave in conditioner spray that protects your hair while styling or even swimming. Perfect for stylists who want to moisturize easily hydrate their clients hair.

HOW TO USE: Use the keratin leave in conditioner spray after using any keratin-infused shampoo or conditioner by Keratherapy. Apply it to dry or damp hair. Stylists can spray onto hair before blow drying, styling, or cutting.

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