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Kenra Studio Stylist Express 10 Minute Permanent Color 2oz

Kenra Studio Stylist Express 10 Minute Permanent Color 2oz

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This fast, easy to use formulation lifts and covers gray hair in 10 minutes. Formulated to nourish, protect, and condition hair through the coloring process for a stunning color result. 15 permanent shades designed to process in record time to help cover grays, brighten blondes and enhance brunettes. Build your business and boost revenue with new services to get more clients through the door in less time. It’s time to give yourself a raise!

Touch up regrowth in between full color applications.
Add subtle accents to enhance a client’s natural hair color.
Apply a full color service to short hair clients for full coverage or gray blending.

Mix Studio Stylist Express Color Créme 1:1 with Studio Stylist Express 20-Volume Developer.
Apply to dry, unwashed hair and process for 10 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly after processing; shampoo and condition with appropriate Kenra Professional care product.
Do not mix Studio Stylist Express with any other Kenra Color hair color.
*All color is for sale to professionals only.
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