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Devacurl No-Poo Original, 3 oz

Devacurl No-Poo Original, 3 oz

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The non-lathering formula with peppermint and grapeseed oil gently cleanses without stripping the natural oils your curls need. Plus, it provides essential moisture so your curls can be shiny, bouncy and just plain gorgeous.

how to use

Saturate your curls and scrub No-Poo on your scalp to cleanse. Scrub it out too to thoroughly cleanse your curls.

1. Wet curls and apply a generous amount to your scalp, scrubbling it in. Remember it won't lather, but it's still working!

2. Rinse thoroughly by scrubbing your sculp and letting the water move No-Poo Original through your ends

3. Follow with One Condition Original for additional moisture
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