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Kleral Blonde Platinker Bleach (Blondor / Blondeme alternative) 28.2 oz

Kleral Blonde Platinker Bleach (Blondor / Blondeme alternative) 28.2 oz

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Kleral Blonde Hair Bleaching Powder Ammonia Free Bleach. From the most highly advanced Research Kleral Has created a new Generation of bleach without ammonia. Thanks to its innovative formula, now it is possible to get strong and medium bleaching and highlights without damaging your hair. Instruction: Bleaching Powder can be used with creamy Peroxide at 1 part of powder 2 part of oxidizer. Put the amount of powder required into a non-metallic bowl, and add the following mixing to obtain a soft creamy consistency. 20 volume for normal bleaching, 30 volume for highlights.

Time Required: Leave the cream for 20 to 30 minutes according to hair bottom and to bleacher desired The quantity of lightening tones and the success of the process depends on the strength of the creamy peroxide used and on its factor of protection against over oxidation. Don't exceed the suggested Laying time: 3 Tones = 20 Volume (6%) = 20 Minutes 4 Tones = 30 Volumes (9%) = 25 Minutes 6 Tones = 40 Volumes (12%) = 35 Minutes

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