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Alfaparf Milano

Alfaparf Milano Pigments Customizable Color 3.04 oz

Alfaparf Milano Pigments Customizable Color 3.04 oz

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Alfaparf Milano introduces PIGMENTS, a unique category of Professional Hair Color that will change the Hair Care Industry. Innovation that permits the personalization of color in an incredible variety of products and services in salon and at home.

PIGMENTS can be used:
• In salon professional hair color services
• Create new shades
• Re-pigmentation
• In the color mixture to boost or correct the color result
• It can be used in any color brand

In salon professional texture services
• Enrich/correct color during a straightening, smoothing, or perm service
• To be mixed with: LISSE DESIGN or straightening or perming systems* (*only to be used in the neutralizers)
• In salon professional hair care services
• Revitalize color in a special treatment
• Customize color in all treatments
• Refresh a natural or cosmetic color
• Shine service
• To be mixed with: shampoo, masks, vials, water, any professional in-salon treatment

In salon professional styling services
• Enrich styling with color
• Can be mixed with: any styling product, such as mousse, gel, and paste

Patents Pending:
• First color in the market that can be used during a smoothing services
• The pure ultra concentrated pigments work on any pH level, whether it's alkaline or acidic.

The PIGMENTS brand is composed of six pure ultra-concentrated pigments that are intermixable for endless in-salon customizations.
• Colors can be mixed together to create the perfect, customized shade.
• Intensity of the color can be calibrated by using different quantities of product.

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